Change the way you eat.... for life....

Welcome to my website…

I offer a fresh approach to weight loss. Not an extreme diet ‘regime,’ instead I work with individual clients creating a personal plan, tailored specifically to meet their needs and goals for weight loss, with on-going support & advice into weight maintenance.

My Clients often tell me how they’ve “tried every diet under the sun,” and how their weight has “yo-yoed” for many years. My approach includes setting a realistic target for weight loss, dietary and physical activity education and advice, underpinned by changing how you think, feel & behave around food.

About me…..

I am a Nutritionist, registered with the UK Association for Nutrition and British Association for Nutritional Therapists, I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and I have a wealth of experience in the weight loss sector, including the NHS, with private companies and as a freelance consultant, working with hundreds of clients wishing to lose weight.

As part of my work, I have undertaken counselling training, specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and I am an accredited Counterweight Practitioner, licensed to deliver the clinically proven Counterweight Programme, a programme based on years of evidence supporting overweight & obese adults in the UK to lose weight and maintain weight loss for the long-term.

Faye Keefe

Faye Keefe MSc RNut BANT